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Why this site?

I have been heavily inspired by The Book of General Ignorance by Lloyd, Mitchinson & Fry; and some of the ideas for posts are coming from there…. Sometimes I thought I knew something and I discovered that I was wrong: never happened to you?

There is a lot of information on the Internet and it’s easily accessible, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that we know more: it just means that we know where to look for; and it’s generally Google! So, if you want to know something about a specific topic, you’ll “google” it and you’ll get what you need. For scientific and historical topics, you’ll end up most of the time in Wikipedia….

But Google will not help you discerning what you should know from what you can ignore! Everything will be presented to you to browse….

I don’t have the arrogance to tell you what you should know, but I can share with you what I discovered and found interesting, curious, challenging, unexpected, worrying, upsetting, funny…. I’ll generally support any facts with links to reputable sources (don’t be surprise if it is usually Wikipedia) and, when appropriate, I’ll be gently suggesting you my opinion. Up to you to engage a public conversation through the posts (usually preferred), a private conversation with me, or not.

This is supposed to stimulate your curiosity and, perhaps, generate some knowledge thirst. And it doesn’t matter if this actually doesn’t happen, as long as you get some information….

I wish you’ll enjoy!

Armando Gherardi