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Concealed truth about 9/11

Try this one: ask any of your friends how many Manhattan towers collapsed on September 11th 2001; what answer do you think you will get? Two. Obviously: all of us have been impressed by the planes crashing against the Twin Towers. If two is also your answer to the question, well: the truth is that [...]

Romans in China

Children are generally taught that the first European to arrive in China was Marco Polo, in the second half of the XIII century. In reality, Polo is only one of many European merchants to take either sea or land routes via the Silk Road…. Roman cartographers were definitely aware about China but the geographical position [...]

Life and death in lightnings!

How likely would it be to get struck by lightning during a thunderstorm? Most people would say: unlikely. And they would be right: statistics show that, assuming a lifetime of eighty years, one in ten thousands people are struck by lightning. Lightnings(from Pixabay) It goes without saying that being struck twice in a lifetime (assuming [...]

The origin of the Palestine conflict is in Europe

It’s the single most complicated international issue, unresolved for more than a century! Ultimately, here is one of the most classic motives of crisis and war through the whole history of humanity: a land dispute. The land Palestine area from spaceby NASA (from Wikimedia)The issue relates to the control of the geographic region between the [...]

Sudetenland and Crimea

At Auschwitz, there is a poster warning that those who won’t remember their history will be condemned to live it again…. Are we living again the Sudetenland nightmare? The Sudetenland crisis After World War I, when the Austro-Hungarian Empire broke apart, an independent Czechoslovakia was proclaimed and included – among other territories – the German-speaking [...]

Less Is More

I stumbled on a piece of wisdom from the Dalai Lama that a friend of mine posted on Facebook and I thought there was no better way to explain an holistic view and a sustainable life. So, before writing about our intricate world and systems and on what our options are about them, I thought [...]

Holistic Health

Worrying signals are multiplying A long term financial crisis (since 2007), unemployment and generalised social discomfort in the First World (we were used to see it in the Third World only!), observable climate changes (positive and negative records happen more and more often all over the world), forgotten infectious diseases returning with more strength (like [...]

It Happened Today: January 4th

January 4th, 1809 In the small town of Coupvray in France, Louis Braille was born. At the age of five, he was blinded in an accident. As a school student, he invented a revolutionary form of communication – a system of reading and writing used by people who are blind or visually impaired – that [...]

It Happened Today: January 3rd

Being so close to the beginning of the year, only a few events are worth noting…. January 3rd, 1892 In Bloemfontein (Orange Free State), South Africa, J.R.R. Tolkien was born. He was a writer and a poet who wrote The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings trilogy; the latter took him more than ten [...]

It Happened Today: January 2nd

It is more difficult to find events that happened on January 2nd, just because the start of official matters (acts, treaties, etc.) usually happens the day before: January 1st…. However, the USSR and Mauritania were protagonists of two significant events that happened on January 2nd. January 2nd, 1920 In Petrovichi, Isaac Yudovich Asimov was born. [...]