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Mostly Married

The man

In 2004, Malaysian Kamarudin Mohamad married Khadijah Udin.
Why is this so special? For quite a few reasons, indeed….
He was 72 and this was his 53rd marriage! Moreover, he married again his first wife, after being divorced from her for 50 years! Their first marriage lasted only one year.

He said he had never been a playboy but wouldn’t be able to find the “right” woman for the first 51 times! According to him, his 52nd marriage, with a Thai woman, was the most successful that far: he remained with her for 20 years, until she passed away because of a cancer.
His “new” wife agreed to re-marry him only if he promised to live with her for ever: Karamudin agreed.

Out of the 52 women he married before her, two were Thai and one English. His shortest marriage lasted 2 days! Kamarudin had eight children from his wives and sixteen grandchildren.

Karamudin died in 2007, with the record for being the most married man on Earth.

The woman

Linda Lou Taylor (currently Linda Wolfe) holds the record for most marriages: twenty-three.

Born in 1940 in Alexandria, she married for the first time when she was sixteen. Her first husband was George Scott, and she recalls this one to be the nicest of all marriages. It lasted seven years, perhaps the longest and the happiest of all her married years. Since then, she has been spouse to a preacher, a musician, a one-eyed convict, a homeless man, several men who beat her and two gay men. One of her husbands even padlocked her into the refrigerator! She married Jack Gourley three times and the marriage with Fred Chadwick lasted just 36 hours!
She married Glynn Wolfe as a publicity stunt. After one week of marriage, she left him to go back home and he passed away the following year. Linda continues to use his name.

Linda has seven children by her different husbands and been a stepmother to many more. She prides herself on never cheating on her husbands when living with any of them.

She has been living as a widow in the past twelve years and currently resides in a retirement home. After doing it for 23 times, she says she misses walking down that aisle, and might jump into another marriage if things get too lonely for her!

Of course, everyone needs a hand to hold when old and alone, I suppose.

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