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Less Is More

I stumbled on a piece of wisdom from the Dalai Lama that a friend of mine posted on Facebook and I thought there was no better way to explain an holistic view and a sustainable life. So, before writing about our intricate world and systems and on what our options are about them, I thought it was better to share this:

We have bigger houses and smaller families; more comfort, but less time; more diplomas, but less common sense; more knowledge, but less wisdom; more experts, and more problems; more medicines, but less health. We made the whole journey from the Moon and came back, but we have issues to cross the street to meet our neighbours. We build more and more powerful computers to hold more information but we have less communication.
We have improved quantity – but not quality.
This is the time of fast food but slow digestion, of great men with poor character, of immediate profits but little value.
It’s a time when there is a lot outside the window, but very little in the room.

Less is More

Most of us, especially in the Western world, have been brought up along the line of the more, the better (who would say the opposite about money?): what if this was plain wrong – at least for some aspects? And, while there are quite a few economic and logical answers to this question, with his words, the Dalai Lama adds human and spiritual dimensions to the matter. He actually brings more questions than answers: is the focus of what we do in line with what we want? Is there anything that we would like to stop doing and/or anything that we would like to start doing? And what is stopping us from start acting differently?

As a matter of fact, these questions are brought to us – as individuals and as a community. Is there anybody else who should answer them?

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