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Holistic Health

Worrying signals are multiplying

A long term financial crisis (since 2007), unemployment and generalised social discomfort in the First World (we were used to see it in the Third World only!), observable climate changes (positive and negative records happen more and more often all over the world), forgotten infectious diseases returning with more strength (like multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis)…. They are not random and disconnected: there is a pattern…. They are telling us about a huge unbalance. Actually a set of unbalances: all connected between themselves and inter-dependent. A complicated mechanism (should we say system?) has been broken. Acting only on one of these unbalances will not be enough because the perspective needs to be more comprehensive: more holistic.

The fact is that our planet has been evolving for billions of years, slowly and steadily adapting to similarly slow changing conditions. But, in the last three centuries, violent changes have been happening on our planet and in our society. They are the result of the combined action of the last dozen of generations – out of the forty thousands or so that have preceded. And this result is holistic: across the board and invading all aspects of our lives – nature, society, collective and individual psychology, etc.

So why not a holistic approach?

The current economic and social structures, designed during the last three centuries, are unstable and fragile. Despite all the social and economic studies that have been produced so far, the truth is that very few understand how the whole thing really works. And when it breaks – and it happens more and more often – nobody really knows how to repair it. For example, concepts like inflation, immigration pressure and unemployment are not really governed by economists or social scientists – forget about politicians. Old theories, developed before or during the XIX century, are desperately invoked to (miserably) try to explain today’s problems and forecast tomorrow’s situations! But they are not working consistently….

The approach to these problems needs to be more global: holistic. Moreover, recognition of the damage is paramount to be able to find a solution. But our elite class clearly doesn’t seem qualified for such a task. Possibly their education hasn’t prepared them adequately….

Who is leading now?

As simple as it may sound in the XXI century, I would say: the rich people. They are living in an Elysium: not elected and powerful. So much that some of them consider themselves almighty. They may have a special perspective that allows them to have a better guess on the future…. They definitely see the catastrophe rushing towards us. They also know that the Eden where they’re living in is on top of a volcano. They are trying to put a cork on it, with all the technologies they can get their hands on, with the main result of emphasising all the unbalances. Like primitive shamans, they are looking in vain for some magical recipe…. They watch infuriated people (that they mostly have created) climbing up to their Paradise and they are preparing for the battle. They can win against them can they stop the volcano?

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