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The Hidden Tuscany

There is not a lot to add to what you now cities like Florence, Siena or Pisa. But Tuscany is wider and deeper than just these very visited cities…. And it’s not just about wine!

Tuscany map
Tuscany map
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It is the land of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo, Machiavelli, Vespucci, Puccini and the famous Medici family, where every village has peculiar stories (sometimes more, sometimes less) to tell about medieval or contemporary history….

As one can easily imagine, a lot of information is available and easily reachable about Tuscany; so I’ll just shed a light on some places, building, monuments or nature beauties that have been left somehow hidden or neglected so far. For the most famous ones and the ones under the spotlight, I don’t have more to say that hasn’t been already said….

The geographical classification continues on the basis of the Tuscany provinces (Florence, Arezzo, Pisa, Prato, Pistoia, Lucca, Livorno, Grosseto and Massa-Carrara).